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VOCZero Ltd. was established in 2014 by international investors. It has employed a group of graduated engineers, having more than sixty years’ experience with VOC Vapour Recovery in common, and been involved in the sales, design, supply management, fabrication, delivery, installation, commissioning, and Life Cycle Services of more than three hundred VOC Vapour Processing Systems. The experienced employees of VOCZero have been active worldwide in more than forty countries. We shall be very pleased to assist you in all matters relating to VOC Vapour Processing.
This can be as a consultant in front-end
studies, in which we assist you in determining your VOC Vapour volumes and other site specifics necessary for a pre-design of a VOC Vapour Processing System, as well as your partner in delivering a VOC Vapour Processing System.
Please fill in our contact form here, and we will contact you as quickly as possible, for clarification of how we can help particular in your case.
KSB (Германия)
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